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With effect from 16th September, 2015, SSL Energie GmbH took over business operations of the companies automationNext GmbH in Lustenau/AT and EEC Batteries GmbH in Geesthacht. In March, 2016, the product area “P-CHARGE” (Charging systems for electric vehicles) was also transferred to SSL Energie GmbH from the company Schletter GmbH.
SSL Energie is a young company specialising in the “storage, management and charging of electrical energy”. Company headquarters are located in Kelheim in Lower Bavaria (Niederbayern) with further permanent business premises in Geesthacht an der Elbe, N. Germany and a sales office in Haag in Oberbayern.
Our goal is to perpetuate business operations, strengthen and expand on existing customer relations and to introduce innovative ideas to the areas of “building automation”, “the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells” and “charging systems for e-mobility”.
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Ludwig Schletter
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