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Sustainable storage systems to meet future demand: Lithium iron phosphate batteries guarantee both high cycle stability and a longer service life.

Energy transition is dependent upon the availability of especially adapted, high-performance storage systems. Such batteries are critical in order to offset the fluctuation in power generation characteristic to sun and wind-energy, while harmonising supply with the corresponding consumption. This is where SSL Energie comes in: The major feature of our battery cells is the extremely high cycle-stability which allows for a calendrical service life of up to ten years and beyond – exactly what is needed to meet demand in the area of renewable energies.

And not only here: You can count on SSL Energie GmbH wherever there is a requirement for durability, high charging- and discharging currents with peaks of up to 10 C and an above average degree of safety. We can provide customised battery cells tailored to your exact needs, for small, medium and large storage applications.

Storage technology from SSL Energie GmbH is suitable for implementation in telecommunication- or industrial installations as well as in electro-mobility, on land or on water – and all this with an outstanding price – performance ratio. Customer-oriented, round-the-clock service and intelligent logistics are what distinguish us as a reliable partner, particularly for special projects. Why not put us to the test!