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next.server & enhancements

The heart of your building automation. Depending upon the size of your system, a corresponding number of output objects can be integrated. Once the system is configured, the changes are executed immediately and neither reboot nor interruption to service is required.


The next.server is available in 4 sizes: 30, 100, 1000 or unrestricted, depending on the your project demands. The number depicts the number of integrated output elements available for, for example, shading, electric windows, projectors, switchable sockets, door-opening mechanisms and control valves etc. It is therefore a simple process, even for the layman, to calculate the required server size.

2.2.1.-Sub-Menu image next.server

  • All device and bus licences included
  • a large number of integrated logic objects
  • 4x RS-232 (via Converter also RS-485)
  • passive cooling
  • interchangeable system CF card
  • optional: SSD-hard disk for data recording