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next.controller & enhancements

The heart of your building automation – includes standard functions such as scenes, sequences, time-planning, messaging and the management of light and shade, temperature control and so much more. The controllers are available in two different models and with expansion modules.


next.controller – central management unit

The next.controller collects data from a variety of different devices and systems and manages these; from the garage door through to the intelligent management of individual rooms within your building – all quite simply at the push of a button!

2.1.1.-Sub-Menu image controller

  • 2 x RS232/RS485-Interfaces
  • 1 x Ethernet-interface
  • 1 x x.plug-interface for expansion module (plug & play)
  • Data report with SD card
  • Electricity consumption only 3W in normal operation
  • Add-ons: Basic functions – can be enhanced as required


next.controller pro – central management unit

With the next.controller pro the bus systems KNX, DALI and MBUS are already integrated – their potential is almost limitless!

2.1.2.-Sub-Menu image-controllerAdditional functions as compared to next.controller:
  • 1 x KNX-interface
  • 2 x DALI-interfaces
  • 1 x MBUS-interface
  • 2 x Ethernet-interfaces
  • All interfaces with integrated power supply


x.tension – Expansion module

The versatile solution for the expansion of your controller with many inputs and outputs for building automation.

2.1.3.-Sub-Menu image x.tension

  • 12 x digital inputs and 8 x digital outputs
  • Manual control of 8 relay outputs by means of a membrane keyboard and status LEDs
  • Capacitor for buffering peak voltage when carrying out switching operations to all relays
  • 2 x x.plug-interfaces for connection to the controllers and other modules (plug & play)


x.tension + – Expansion module

The versatile solution for the expansion of your controller with analog and digital inputs and outputs for building automation.

2.1.4.-Sub-Menu image-x.tension plus Additional functions as compared to x.tension:
  • 4 x analog inputs
  • 4 x analog outputs




x.touch 7 – Multitouch panel

The x.touch 7 Multitouch user panel for wall integration is equipped with all the usual functions and controls.

2.1.5.-Sub-Menu image x.touch_

  • Easy to use and configure
  • In-wall integration (horizontal or vertical)
  • Door intercom with video
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Information portal with alarm